Sunday, March 23, 2014

Creating the Perfect Swimmer Post 20

These past two weeks have been very busy.  They were the last two weeks of the championship season and I was out of town for most of it.  The first weekend, I had states for my club team.  The next week I left for Florida for Junior Nationals.  By Junior Nationals I was not swimming well because I was trying to hold onto my taper that I started 3 weeks ago.  But, going to Junior Nationals was a great learning experience and I hope to make it back to the finals next year.

At the state meet, I was trying to get more JN cuts.  I got two of them, in the 100 and 200 back.  I only ended up swimming the 100 back because the 200 was right before the 100 breast, and I wanted to be fresh for that event.  I was also going for the 100 fly cut, but I came up about a half a second short.  But, I did swim a lifetime best in that race as well.

Coming into JNs, I did not feel that great in the water.  I did not feel the ease in the water that I did a couple of weeks ago.  But, I also came into this meet only caring about racing, not exactly worrying about the times.  This meet had the fastest people in the country under 18 in it, and it was a great opportunity to see some really fast swimming.  In my swims, I gained a lot of time in each one, which I was pretty disappointed about, but I was not too worried about it because this was my first time going to this meet.  But, there were a lot of college coaches there, and I do wish that I would have swam better in order to maybe get noticed by one of them.  Despite these things, I tried to enjoy the moment.  I have come so far in the last couple of months, that I would be crazy to not be happy with my performances.  I started the year as a 2:07 200 IM and brought it down to a 1:53.  Also a 1:07 100 breast that was brought down to a 58.  These are huge drops and I hope that I will be able to drop even more time in the next year.

By going to this meet, it has made me even hungrier to get better.  I know that I can be so much better than I am right now, and I am very excited to start training hard again.  My coach and I have been talking and the main thing that I still need to work on are my turns.  For the next year, we are going to focus a lot on them, because they are a big reason why I did not swim as well as I wanted to.

After 3 weeks of championship meets, I finally get a week off from swimming.  I will not get in the water at all and I will use this time to relax and get caught up on my school work.  It is a much needed break before I start training like crazy.


  1. Congratulations for having a week off, Jacob! You must be excited to catch up on that school work. I continue to be impressed by your motivation to swim and dedication to your blogging. Will being out of the water impact your times or all the hard training you have done thus far? Enjoy every second of your break!

    1. No, this time off will not have an impact on the work that I have done. In fact, taking a week off will help me by giving my body time to recover from this three week long championship season. The only thing is that my first few practices back will be very tough because I will be sort of out of shape.