Sunday, January 26, 2014

Creating the Perfect Swimmer Post 14

The week before midterms, we had one meet.  It was a league meet against Dakota, and they are not a super good team.  So, I only swam one of my normal events.  I swam:

50 back (medley): 26.77
200 IM: 2:05.06
500 free: 5:11.32
50 free (relay): 23.66

My 200 IM was a state cut, so now I have two.  My 500 was a MISCA cut, so now I am only missing the 50 free cut.

The weekend before midterms, I had a big meet in Indianapolis for Gators.   IUPUI is one of the fastest pools in the country, so I was very excited to swim there.  Ever since I saw the NCAA D1 national championships there, I've wanted to swim in that pool.  

The meet was ran in a prelim-final format, where you swim in the morning, and the top 24 times makes it back and swim that night.  I was my first meet in that format, and I like it much better than swimming over 2 days.  The only event that I did not make it bak in was the 200 free.  I swam: 

200 IM:
100 free:
200 back:
200 free-1:51.13
100 fly:
100 back:
50 free:

Over the next week, I was only able to have one practice, because of getting sick.  I did not like this because I do not want to get out of shape, and I want to keep training hard up until states.

The very next weekend we had the Romp in the Swamp, a meet hosted by the Gators.  I did not swim very well over the 3 days, but i did swim decently in 3 of my 8 events.
400 IM-4:23.47
100 back-56.10
200 IM-2:03.45

I was most pleased with my 400 IM, and it was my first time swimming the event.  It was a meet record, along with the 200 IM.  I am starting to realize that the IM is one of my favorite races, along with my best.  I am going to start training a lot more in all 4 strokes, rather than focusing on free and back.


  1. Wow, Jacob! Well done with all of your times. I am impressed at the amount of time and effort you put into swimming, and how serious you are about this blog. Keep the posts coming, excited to be following you.