Sunday, June 8, 2014

Post 25

I gave my talk a couple of weeks ago and I thought it went very well.  I didn't forget a lot of things in my talk and I though all of my ideas were pretty good.  This will be my last blog post on here and we have been tasked with answering questions about our experience with 20 Time.

1.  I thought 20 Time was pretty fun.  It gave me a way to talk about swimming for as much as I wanted, which I loved.  It was also a way for me to share my successes from this season.

2.  I think that the blog posts should have been due avery other week for the whole year, not only for half of it.  I also think that we should be given more time to pick a topic for our project.

3.  I like that we had to give a talk at the end of the year, and that it had to be pretty long and not just a couple minutes.  This gave us a way to practice public speaking and for me I am a lot less scared of public speaking because of it.  Looking back, I realize that giving that talk was not hard at all because I was able to talk about something that I know a lot about and that I am truly passionate about.

4.  I think that if 20 Time was implemented into the school, then it should be a separate class and not just a part of the English class.  By having it attached to the normal class, we have to do work on our project on top of doing homework for that class.  If it was a separate class then it would be more manageable.

5.  My advice to students next year would be to pick something that you will stick with and that you are really passionate about.  If you don't enjoy the project you pick, then you will be miserable all year.  This project should be something you enjoy doing, and not a burden.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Post 24

My talk is going to be this week.  I am very nervous for it but I know that it won't be that bad.  I am confident that I know what I am talking about and it shouldn't be too bad because I could talk about swimming all day long.

For the first part of my talk I am going to talk about the science of swimming that I learned over the course of the year.  I learned a lot about the technical side of swimming and I am excited to share what I learned.  Some of the pictures that I used were off of the internet but I also used a lot of my own pictures of my swimming.

For the next part of my talk I am going to talk about what I learned, and how it made me a better person from it.  In this part I have a lot more if my own pictures and less of them are from the internet.

At the end I am going to talk about how I did not really achieve my goal, I did not become the "perfect" swimmer.  But, I did improve A LOT throughout the year.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Post 23

The meet we had in Canda last weekend was very fun.  The pool that we swam at was very fast and brand new.  Although I swam some events that were very hard, I had a era time swimming long course for the first time.  I was very happy with my 100 breast time because converted it would be probably my 4th fastest time ever.  That is because there are half as many walls in long course and the was are what I am the worst at.  All of my other events I had never swam before, even in short course, except for the 200 back. Because of this, I don't really know of the times I swam in them are good or not because I have nothing to compare them too.   Unfortunately I wasn't able to swim my best event, the 200 IM.  I am not sure when my next meet will be but I will be sure that I swim that event at my next one.

The past week has been very hard for me.  I got the news that one of my teammates and friends suddenly died last weekend.  I found it very hard to find motivation to swim this week because my mind has just been out of it.  Hopefully next week will be better.

I have pretty much finished my talk for my presentation but I still have a couple more slides to finish up before I can start practicing.  I am sort of nervous to give this talk but I it will hopefully get better the more I practice.  I know that I know what I am talking about so I should not be nervous, but I have never given an actual presentation in front of a loathe group of people before.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Creating the Perfect Swimmer Post 22

These past 2 weeks have been pretty different from each other.  Two weeks ago we were on our normal training schedule.  We also started out dryland again.  The schedule for that is a little different now.  Instead of just going Monday and Wednesday, we are also going on Friday.  Each day is 5:30-7:00 before school.  I am very excited for this to start because it has been so long since I have lifted.

This past week has been a lot different however.  Since it was our Spring Break, we were not supposed to have practice at all, which I was worried about because I did not want to get out of shape all over again.  Luckily there were morning swims that I went to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:00-8:00 am.  But, I was not able to get into the gym at all over break.

Net weekend we have our first meet of the season.  It is a meet in Windsor, Canada, and I am very excite about it.  It will be my first time ever swimming long course (olympic sized pools).  I am swimming a lot of the events that I have never swam before, like the 200 fly and 200 breast.  I am excited for long course because I am certain that I will be better at it than short course.  My main downfall in a lot of my races are my turns.  Since there are half as many turns in long course, I should be able to have better times than in short course by the ned of the season.

I have started to think more about my talk at the end of the year.  I have made a couple of slides that I am going to use, but I still have to figure out more things to talk about.  I am not sure about how much technical stuff about swimming I want to include, and how much of the stuff that I have learned from this project and my journey through swimming.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Creating the Perfect Swimmer Post 21

This week I have finally gotten back in the water.  It is a bittersweet feeling because although I love being back, these practices have been the hardest I've had in about 4 months because I am just getting back into shape after my week off.  I also did my first dryland in about a month and a half.  We did all abs, and I am very sore from it.  It is to the point where it hurts to laugh.  We are going to start lifting in the mornings again in a bout a week or two, which I am excited about.  I am hoping to be fully back in shape by the end of next week so I can get back into full training.

This week we also took our All-State pictures.  These pictures will go up in the hallway outside the pool for a very long time.  It is a great feeling knowing that I will be up there with some of the best swimmers in our school's history.

An update regarding our high school medley relay: we are currently ranked 27th in the country.

I have started to think about what I am going to do for my presentation at the end of the year.  I am going to focus on the aspect of working as hard as you can in order to achieve your dreams.  For this whole year, I have put everything I had into my swimming, and fortunately, I was able to achieve all of my goals.  I want to show that you can't just sit there doing nothing and expect to get any better at whatever you do. For my powerpoint I will probably include stuff abut my average week of workouts, and also times from the beginning of this year to the end.  I also want to include some pictures in it.  Because the speech has to be at least 8 minutes long, I probably want to include at least 8 slides.  I am going to have to practice what I am going to say a lot of times because I am not very good at speaking in front of large groups of people.  But, this speech should not be to  bad because I am very passionate about what I am talking about and I know a lot about my topic.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Creating the Perfect Swimmer Post 20

These past two weeks have been very busy.  They were the last two weeks of the championship season and I was out of town for most of it.  The first weekend, I had states for my club team.  The next week I left for Florida for Junior Nationals.  By Junior Nationals I was not swimming well because I was trying to hold onto my taper that I started 3 weeks ago.  But, going to Junior Nationals was a great learning experience and I hope to make it back to the finals next year.

At the state meet, I was trying to get more JN cuts.  I got two of them, in the 100 and 200 back.  I only ended up swimming the 100 back because the 200 was right before the 100 breast, and I wanted to be fresh for that event.  I was also going for the 100 fly cut, but I came up about a half a second short.  But, I did swim a lifetime best in that race as well.

Coming into JNs, I did not feel that great in the water.  I did not feel the ease in the water that I did a couple of weeks ago.  But, I also came into this meet only caring about racing, not exactly worrying about the times.  This meet had the fastest people in the country under 18 in it, and it was a great opportunity to see some really fast swimming.  In my swims, I gained a lot of time in each one, which I was pretty disappointed about, but I was not too worried about it because this was my first time going to this meet.  But, there were a lot of college coaches there, and I do wish that I would have swam better in order to maybe get noticed by one of them.  Despite these things, I tried to enjoy the moment.  I have come so far in the last couple of months, that I would be crazy to not be happy with my performances.  I started the year as a 2:07 200 IM and brought it down to a 1:53.  Also a 1:07 100 breast that was brought down to a 58.  These are huge drops and I hope that I will be able to drop even more time in the next year.

By going to this meet, it has made me even hungrier to get better.  I know that I can be so much better than I am right now, and I am very excited to start training hard again.  My coach and I have been talking and the main thing that I still need to work on are my turns.  For the next year, we are going to focus a lot on them, because they are a big reason why I did not swim as well as I wanted to.

After 3 weeks of championship meets, I finally get a week off from swimming.  I will not get in the water at all and I will use this time to relax and get caught up on my school work.  It is a much needed break before I start training like crazy.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Creating the Perfect Swimmer Post 19

This has honestly been one of the best weekends of my life.  Not only did I get to spend time with my teammates and have fun with them, I also had the best swim meet of my life.  Everything I swam was a lifetime best.  The meet was run as a prelim-final format, with prelims being on friday and finals on saturday.  In order to get All-State, you have to get in the top 8.  I swam:

50 breast (medley): prelims-26.00  finals-25.90--2nd place
200 IM: prelims-1:53.93  finals-1:53.75--3rd place
100 breast: prelims-58.40  finals-58.37--5th place
100 free (relay): prelims-46.75  finals-46.94--3rd place

For the medley relay, we reset our previous school record by going a 1:34.23.  That time earned us an All-American automatic cut.  It is probably the best feeling in the world knowing that we will be in the top 100 fastest times in the whole country this year.  I broke the school record in both the 200 IM and the 100 breast.  The previous records were 1:54.53 from 1991 in the IM and 58.52 from 2012 in the breaststroke.  This means that at the end of this year, I will have 3 school records and 2 pool records.  I will also have my picture on the wall 3 different times for this year, which I am very proud of.  I also got my two Junior National cuts at this meet.  This means that I will be able to go down to Orlando, Florida in a little over a week to swim, which is an amazing opportunity.  Since our club team is sponsored my Nike, I will also be given a free backpack, suit, and warmups.

Coming up this next weekend, I will be going to the age-group state meet, so I can go for more Junior National cuts.  The Junior National meet is set up so that if you have one cut, you can have two bonus cuts.  Bonus cuts are a little bit slower, which makes them easier to get.

Here are some videos from the State meet.  The first one is of the medley relay.  We came in second place and I swam the 2nd leg (breaststroke).  The second video is of my 200 IM.  I came in 3rd place and am wearing the half black and half pink suit and the all black cap.
The thing I was most happy about in my IM was that I came from behind in the last 50 to secure a 3rd place finish.